Canary #1 Cover F Rios Variant 1:10
  • Canary #1 Cover F Rios Variant 1:10

Canary #1 Cover F Rios Variant 1:10

  • Written by Scott Snyder
  • Art by Dan Panosian
  • Cover Art by Emma Rios
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In 1891 a mine collapsed into itself. What was the dark substance found 666 feet underground? Blending modern horror, historical fact and Western lore, Scott Snyder and Dan Panosian have created a uniquely terrifying thriller with Canary. During the final days of the Gold Rush, one mining company in Colorado, pulled up radioactive Uranium, and then the mine then collapsed in on itself. Legends sprung up about the mine being cursed or even haunted. Now the Frontier is closed, the gold and silver mines have dried up. The country is becoming 'civilized,' and yet, in one stretch of the Rocky Mountains, a terrifying, new kind of violence is suddenly emerging. Random killings. People going mad and murdering neighbors, classmates without real cause. When a schoolboy kills his teacher with a hatchet, a famous federal marshal named Azrael William Holt is called in to investigate the killings. What he--and a brilliant young geologist--uncover is stranger and more horrifying than anything they could have ever imagined. Collects the Comixology series in print for the first time! New series by Scott Snyder and Dan Panosian!
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Series Title
Scott Snyder
Dan Panosian
Cover Artist
Emma Rios
Single Issue

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