Hulk The End David & Keown (2002)

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Peter David
Dale Keown
Cover Artist
Dale Keown
• THE SCOOP: Writer Peter David and artist Dale Keown, the creative team on some of the most popular Hulk stories ever, reunite to tell the final adventure of the green goliath!

• THE SET-UP: Ever wonder how the careers of your favorite heroes would end? Us too, so we're asking the greatest creators associated with top characters to tell the final story as if their series were drawing to a close!

• THE STORY: You took a sneak peek at it in Wizard #126, now journey with us into a far-flung future in which the only things living on the planet Earth are Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, and cockroaches with attitude... all of whom are at each other's throats! It's the final Hulk story ever as "The Last Titan" finally comes to understand his reason for existence -- if only he can survive it!

• THE WRITER SPEAKS: "It's about the relationship between the Hulk and Bruce Banner, and the final showdown between them," explained David. "By the end of the story, Banner will have a number of revelations about why things happened the way they did -- why the Hulk was created, why he has suffered through all this."

• THE FORMAT: This 48-page, bookshelf one-shot features a cardstock cover and is printed on glossy stock paper.


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Hulk The End David & Keown (2002)

  • Written by PETER DAVID
  • Art by DALE KEOWN
  • Cover Art by DALE KEOWN

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